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Maine National Guard Combined Heat and Power Four Years Later

By District Energy posted 05-23-2019 00:00


Dennis Bohannon, Defense Visual Information Distribution Service


The Maine National Guard project came online four years ago, and the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system provides energy resilience and enhances Army readiness to directly support the warfighter. 
CHP, or cogeneration, is the use of an engine or power station to generate electricity and to use waste heat for heating or cooling purposed. This method is more efficient than conventional systems where the heat from generating electricity is wasted.

With the critical mission of providing medical evacuation rescue and support operations throughout Maine and New England, the Maine National Guard operates the Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) in Bangor, Maine. 
Inside the hangar, the team can recover heat and re-use it to produce hot water to heat the facility through a 75 kilowatt CHP system.

Maine National Guard CHP system demonstrates how CHP can save money, build energy resilience and strengthen National Guard locations’ infrastructure to support mission readiness.

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