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Tour highlights St. Vincent's efficient systems

By District Energy posted 06-18-2019 00:00


J.R. Tidwell, The Clanton Advertiser


Twinkle Cavanaugh, the president of the Alabama Public Service Commission, was given a tour of different heating and cooling systems at St. Vincent’s Chilton on June 18.

The tour was co-hosted by Spire, a natural gas energy company, and was designed to highlight how a few different systems at the hospital operate in order to promote energy efficiency.

Shanon Hamilton, who is the interim administrator after the departure of Suzannah Campbell for another network hospital, welcomed the group at the beginning of the tour.

“I appreciate everyone’s attendance here today to look at some of the technology we have incorporated here at St. Vincent’s Chilton,” he said. “I have been here (in Chilton County) pretty much all my life. I was at the old hospital for about eight years. I worked for St. Vincent’s for four years before I was able to come back and get on the front end of this project. It’s very near and dear to my heart. I want the best for this facility, and part of that is making sure it is sustainable.”

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