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TECO wins international recognition

By District Energy posted 07-10-2019 09:19


Maggie Galehouse, TMC News


The district energy system that cools and heats the Texas Medical Center won a top industry award in June.

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) brought home the 2019 System of the Year Award from the International District Energy Association (IDEA)—the highest honor the organization confers.

“It is one thing for me to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we do a good job,’” said Steve Swinson, CEO and president of TECO. “But when an independent third party says it, it gives everybody in the medical center some comfort, some confidence. If we don’t do what we do, the hospitals and institutions don’t do what they do.”

The TECO plant produces thermal energy—chilled water and steam—in a closed loop system for 50 buildings and 16 different institutions in the Texas Medical Center, reusing and recycling everything it pushes out. This energy-efficient system means that individual institutions do not have to house and operate their own cooling and heating equipment.

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