Chile urgently needs public policies to promote geothermal energy development

By District Energy posted 07-21-2019 00:00


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


In an interview with Energía Estratégica Latam, Diego Morata, Director of the Center of Exellence for Geothermal Energy of the Andes (CEGA) at the University of Chile, highlights his and his center’s view on the potential for geothermal energy in Chile and what national authorities can do to promote development.

What role should geothermal energy have in the decarbonization plan that Chile faces? 

Geothermal energy should have a central role in the decarbonisation plan of the energy matrix. It is the only renewable, clean and local energy – own – able to operate 24/7, independent of the weather and the seasons of the year, and in that sense, it is the only clean energy with an appropriate plant factor to replace coal, which what it does is just supply energy in a constant, but polluting way. That is to say, as of today, it is the only renewable energy that can be considered as base energy, which is why it is what gives stability and security to the energy matrix. 

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