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An Island Forms in New Jersey

By District Energy posted 07-24-2019 16:28


Montclair State University


As the new school year approaches, Montclair State University students will experience a powerful new addition.

Montclair State is the first university in New Jersey with an innovative Microgrid that can function independently and generate its own power, basically guaranteeing that the lights will never go off. What’s more, the school’s Microgrid is generating a huge financial benefit, saving the University millions of dollars a year in energy costs.

It’s truly a role model for all universities.

The Journey Begins

A university is a lot like a small city, and Montclair State University is no exception. There are 21,000 students enrolled; more than 5,000 live on campus and many more are here at any one time – studying, socializing or playing sports. The campus has a life of its own, and what keeps everything going is power.

Following historic Hurricane Sandy and statewide interruptions to the power grid, school administrators realized that they needed to become power-independent. Not only would it save money, but it would also be more environmentally conscious and reliable. With a long-term plan and pioneering vision, they committed at that time to develop and build what’s known as a Co-generation facility, sometimes called a Combined Heat, Cooling and Power (CHCP) plant. It was finished in September, 2013.

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