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Vienna to ban oil and gas heaters for 80 percent of new homes

By District Energy posted 07-31-2019 14:12


AFP Relax News, Yahoo! News


The city of Vienna announced Wednesday that from summer 2020, only 20 percent of new-build homes will be allowed to use oil or gas heating as part of efforts to combat the climate crisis.

The Austrian capital has one of Europe's most developed district heating networks, and the city wants to promote this method of heating homes, alongside renewable energies like solar and biomass.

Only buildings in areas where such alternatives are not considered feasible will be allowed to carry on using carbon-intensive methods, Birgit Hebein, Vienna's councillor responsible for planning, told reporters.

Officials say this will represent only 20 percent of new housing stock.

Vienna's population currently stands at just under 1.9 million but is projected to grow past 2 million by 2028, fuelling a property boom with 10,000 new housing units needed per year.

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