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Hybrid geothermal energy plant to connect to Alberta power grid

By District Energy posted 08-05-2019 12:19


Angie Bergenson, Hydrogen Fuel News


Geothermal power technology to be retrofitted onto an existing oil and gas battery.

A hybrid geothermal energy plant is being constructed in Swan Hills, Alberta, Canada. A team of scientists from the University of Alberta is collaborating with junior oil and gas development and production company, Razor Energy, to combine the energy of geothermal power with existing oil and gas infrastructure.

The plant will generate power from two sources, combined they will produce over 20 MW of electricity.

The hybrid geothermal energy plant will be designed to produce power from two sources. There will be five to seven megawatts (MW) of renewable energy from heat to power generation, produced from a combination of hot water heat and heat recovered from all sources at the battery site. Meanwhile, natural gas-fired generation will provide an additional 15 MW. In total, the two sources of power will generate about 21 MW of power.

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