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Tecogen Sells Chiller to Nevada Cannabis Cultivation Facility

By District Energy posted 08-05-2019 12:16




WALTHAM, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2019 / Tecogen Inc. (TGEN), a clean energy company providing ultra-efficient, clean, natural gas-powered on-site power, heating, and cooling equipment, is pleased to announce the sale of its Tecochill engine-driven chiller system to a cannabis cultivation facility located in Nevada. Tecogen will provide the facility with a 150-ton Tecochill “STx Series” system as the primary source of cooling with the heat from the system utilized for dehumidification. This is Tecogen’s 30th chiller sold into the indoor cultivation market in North America, with new orders expected as additional states legalize medicinal and/or recreational marijuana products. Following legalization of recreational cannabis in 2017, Nevada is scaling up production to meet the increase in demand.

“The indoor cultivation industry is experiencing rapid growth as a result of changing state regulations,” said Bill Martini, Vice President of West Coast Sales for Tecogen. “New facilities are increasingly turning to gas cooling to protect themselves from the high operational and infrastructure costs of traditional electric chillers. In addition to the extra savings from using Tecochill’s heat recovery for dehumidification, facilities will have less reliance on the electric utility to maintain cooling during peak periods.”

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