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Weinberger, BED release Net Zero energy Roadmap

By District Energy posted 09-10-2019 00:00


Vermont Biz


Vermont Business Magazine Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger, joined by Burlington Electric Department (BED) General Manager Darren Springer, City Director of Sustainability Jennifer Green, and other stakeholders, on Sunday publicly released the City’s Net Zero Energy Roadmap. More than a year in the making, the Roadmap studies what it will take for Burlington to accomplish its goal to become a Net Zero Energy city by 2030, and identifies four key pathways to get there. At the same time as it released the Roadmap, the City also started putting the report’s strategies into action, and launched a slate of new programs and initiatives designed to help Burlington achieve this ambitious climate goal.

“I know that many Burlingtonians believe, as I do, that we are in a climate emergency, and at the same time, that it can feel tough to know how to respond to the scale of this problem,” said Mayor Weinberger. “With this Roadmap in hand, we now have clear next steps for what we can do to respond at the local level to this global crisis. We now know that it really is possible for Burlington to largely decarbonize the heating and ground transportation sectors by 2030 – and this report makes it more clear than ever that achieving this goal will take actions by all of us. If we are serious about responding to the climate crisis, then the Burlington of 2030 will be one where every one of our buildings is much more energy efficient and electric, where our land use and transportation policies help support less energy use, where nearly all vehicles are powered by 100 percent renewable electricity, and where we replace 15 percent of the miles we drive each year with forms of alternative transportation. Today, I call on all Burlingtonians to join me in committing to working to achieve this goal. Together, we can accomplish it, as we have many ambitious climate goals before – and at the same time, make Burlington healthier and more resilient, give our community a competitive advantage, and show the country that another path forward is possible.”

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