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Energy system work wraps at Blatchford

By District Energy posted 09-23-2019 16:53


Journal of Commerce


EDMONTON, ALTA. – Edmonton’s ambitious Blatchford neighbourhood project has completed its district energy system and has begun construction on residential homes.

The energy centre Energy Centre houses the key mechanical equipment for the community’s district energy sharing system.

Using a 570-borehole geoexchange field, the system is designed to supply reliable, renewable, environmentally-friendly heating, cooling and hot water to residents. The centre and its geoexchange field were finished time and on budget for $19.4 million. The first phase of the system will serve multiple residential stages in the community. 

“Blatchford’s first Energy Centre, combined with the community’s energy efficient buildings and geoexchange field, plays a critical role in achieving an almost 75 per cent reduction in neighbourhood greenhouse gas emissions that come from buildings and homes compared to a standard community,” said Jason Meliefste, acting deputy city manager, integrated infrastructure services.

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