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Evapco Expands Line of Low-Charge Ammonia Chillers

By District Energy posted 09-25-2019 21:37




U.S. OEM Evapco has announced the expansion of its LCR-C line of low-charge packaged ammonia chillers, adding capacity and larger compressors for production and process cooling as well as air conditioning in a range of industrial applications.

Evapco, based in Taneytown, Md. Introduced the line in 2017 with the SS (small-single family) unit, 10 of which have been installed in the field, including at several dairies, a food ingredient manufacturer, a chemical manufacturer and a produce warehouse, according to Kurt Liebendorfer, Vice President at Evapco. 

He described the “sweet spot” for the LCR-C chiller product line to be 0-35°F (-17 to 2°C) chilled-fluid temperatures.

The new products – which have almost doubled the SS product’s nominal capacity of 130TR (457kW) to 250TR (879kW) at 22°F (-6°C) supply glycol – include the LS (large-single family) and LD (large-dual family) models. Both new models also increase the nominal capacity of the system at 44°F (7°C) chilled water – used for large air conditioning systems– to 400TR (1,406kW) from 150TR (528kW). The units can be ground- or roof-mounted, indoors or outdoors.

The LS model is available with larger single compressors with variable vi technology, eliminating the need for a compressor VFD, including at part-load operation. The LD model offers redundant dual compressors, each rated for 50% of total unit capacity.

All LCR-C chiller units are designed with an ammonia charge of approximately 1 lb/TR (130g/kW), according to Evapco, which also produces low-charge ammonia packaged freezer units.

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