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Optimum Energy Builds Innovation Portfolio with New Patent for Whole-Campus HVAC Optmization

By District Energy posted 10-03-2019 12:12


Optimum Energy


SEATTLE, Sept. 26, 2019—Optimum Energy continues to advance smart building technology and scale up energy efficiency potential with a new patent issued this month, which adds to the HVAC specialist’s technology advantage in optimizing building environmental systems holistically at every level, from tiny valves to entire campuses. 

The newly awarded patent covers Optimum Energy’s methodology for achieving maximum energy efficiency across a campus by coordinating multiple chiller plants in a single, combined system. The company has developed a unique logic for assessing efficiency in real time and staging chillers across a campus so that the system maintains preferred temperatures and pressures using the least possible amount of energy.

“Our methodology treats the campus holistically. The focus is on the best efficiency across the campus, not just in individual chiller plants,” said Ian Dempster, senior director of product innovation. “If the campus load goes down, for example, our software may decide to drop a chiller or pump less water—it makes decisions based on whole-system performance, so we’re always optimizing for the sweet spot.”

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