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University accelerates emission reduction efforts with new Low-Carbon Action Plan

By District Energy posted 10-03-2019 12:21


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The University of Toronto has unveiled an ambitious Low-Carbon Action Plan that will propel it towards its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 37 per cent from 1990 levels by the year 2030 and put it on a path to becoming a “net-zero” institution.

From energy-efficient buildings and carbon-capture schemes to forest management strategies and collaborations to test green technologies, the five-year plan aims to bring U of T 80 per cent closer to its 2030 target by the year 2024.

The Low-Carbon Action Plan follows U of T’s 2018 decision to join the University Climate Change Coalition and is predicted to curb emissions, measured using a carbon dioxide equivalency, by 44,567 tonnes.

“Operating one of the world’s largest research-intensive universities in an urban setting while reducing energy consumption and fostering sustainability is a daunting task,” said President Meric Gertler. “At the same time, we are uniquely well-equipped to tackle the challenge of climate change, precisely because of the size and breadth of our research footprint and institutional partnerships.

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