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Waste water turned into district heating

By District Energy posted 10-03-2019 12:03


Christian Risborg and Niels Bahnsen, NIRAS


With an innovative heat pump solution, Kalundborg Utility utilises wastewater from a sewage treatment plant to produce district heating. The sewage treatment plants have the potential to become the energy producers of the future, a report by NIRAS shows.

Kalundborg is a Danish municipality covering 604 square kilometres in the north-western part of the island of Zealand. The company Kalundborg Utility provides water to all households in the area and is responsible for the district heating and treatment of all wastewater in the municipality.

Kalundborg Utility has installed a heat pump to extract the excess heat from the wastewater. The heat pump is the largest installed in a sewage treatment plant in Denmark and is capable of providing district heating to local customers.

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