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A Focus on Smart Energy Green Cities

By District Energy posted 10-07-2019 12:25


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Under the coordination of the non-profit European Green Cities, with the support of the Danish Energy Agency’s Smart Energy pool during 2019 and 2020, a targeted development and dissemination work on ”Smart Energy” solutions will be carried out in several locations in Denmark, where the focus is on the widespread use of renewable energy in combination with optimized energy supply solutions that seek to utilize heat pumps in combination with so-called groundwater heat and groundwater cooling.

I want to emphasize here that based on the expertise from the company Enopsol, and in a collaboration with the Copenhagen energy supply company HOFOR, as early as 2019, that an energy plant has been commissioned to utilize groundwater as a cooling medium in connection with the overall major redevelopment project for Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen.

This so-called ATES * technology avoids the normal installation of large and noisy mechanical cooling systems on roofs, while at the same time saving 75% of the total energy consumption for cooling and heat. This is because it is possible to utilize the heat supplied through cooling by the groundwater during the summer season, using heat pumps in the winter, which then cover the peak of the heating needs during the coldest months. This also ensures that the groundwater temperature is not affected from year to year as it is possible to achieve a thermal balance for this.

The investment in the overall ATES solution has a positive user and community economy and pays home in five or six years. This can also be used advantageously for other hospital buildings and the like.

In addition to this project, there is also a collaboration with the company, Green Island, which is involved in the development of a fossil-free district at Vinge Nord in the Frederikssund municipality. You can find out more about this at, as well as a dialogue on similar solutions using heat pumps and building-adapted solar cells for a new urban development area in Køge Nord, as well as renovation projects at Avedøre in the Hvidovre municipality.

Information about the above will be provided on the “Sustainable Cities and Buildings” association website and database and on the website.

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