Mayors Announce Support For Global Green New Deal; Recognize Global Climate Emergency

By District Energy posted 10-09-2019 16:13


C40 Cities Press Release


Newly elected C40 Chair, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, alongside the mayors of cities worldwide including Copenhagen, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Tokyo, today announced their support for a Global Green New Deal and recognized a global climate emergency.

The broad coalition - including youth climate activists, and representatives from labour, business and civil society - announced their support for the Global Green New Deal vision as mayors of the world’s largest cities warned that the planet is in a state of climate emergency. The message was issued by city leaders attending the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen. Their call came in response to intergovernmental action being blocked by a minority of very powerful, science-denying governments, representing the interests of the fossil-fuel industry.

Through the Global Green New Deal, cities have reaffirmed their commitment to protecting our environment, strengthening our economy, and building a more equitable future by cutting emissions from the sectors most responsible for the climate crisis -- transportation, buildings, industry, and waste -- to keep global heating below the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement.

This includes putting inclusive climate action at the center of all urban decision-making to secure a just transition for those working in high-carbon industries and correct long-running environmental injustices for those disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis – people living in the global south generally, and the poorest communities everywhere.

Avoiding the worst impacts of the climate crisis means cutting global emissions in half by 2030. In practical terms that means improving mobility while replacing polluting fossil fuel powered vehicles with clean alternatives; setting the strictest possible building codes and reducing waste, amongst other actions. Policies already being delivered in cities around the world, thanks to the commitment of mayors to the C40 Net Zero Carbon Buildings, Advancing Towards Zero Waste, and Green & Healthy Streets Declarations.

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