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Future of planned geothermal heating project in Konin, Poland to be determined in November 2019

By District Energy posted 10-15-2019 14:47


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


In a great overview article, Anna Chmurzynska of Termalni in Poland shares details on the planned geothermal heating project in Konin, Poland. The city is located in central Poland around half way between the capital Warsaw and the border to Germany.

The fate of geothermal energy in Konin will be determined in November 2019. At the end of August a conference “Geothermal – chance or trouble?” took place, which presented the current state of works on the creation of a geothermal heating plant. Information was also provided that the settlement of the matter of possible co-financing for the construction of the heating plant by the NFEPWM is to take place as early as November 2019. At the same time, work on the takeover of Geotermia Konin Sp z oo by MPEC in Konin is coming to an end.

Let’s briefly recall the history of Konin geothermal energy. The Geotermia Konin company was established in 2012 and its main goals included preparation of documentation, drilling and thermal water management. Initially, it was not expected to obtain water parameters favourable enough for water to be used in heating.

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