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How cities are decarbonising

By District Energy posted 10-15-2019 16:15


David Thorpe, The Fifth Estate 


The figures come from a report by the Coalition for Urban Transitions entitled Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity: How national governments can secure economic prosperity and avert climate catastrophe by transforming cities which was released ahead of the Climate Action Summit in New York.

“In absolute terms, these savings are greater than the combined 2014 energy-related emissions of the two largest emitters, China and the US,” it says, and it presents a clear six-part action plan for national governments around the world.

Zero carbon cities offer a powerful lever to secure economic prosperity and boost living standards across a country. Such cities can both drive economic prosperity and effectively play their part in addressing the global climate emergency.

The 16 measures lie in the building, transport, materials, and waste sectors, with transport being the easiest and most cost-effective to decarbonise. Here we look at four of them available to city authorities.

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