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Helsinki's utility accelerates pace to sustainable heating

By District Energy posted 11-05-2019 12:21


Smart Energy International


The City of Helsinki’s energy company, HELEN, is avidly seeking ways of moving away from fossil-based heat generation, particularly from coal-burning plants.

“The Hanasaari coal-fired combined heat and power plant will be closed by the end of 2024. We have already planned the solutions to replace it. The Salmisaari combined heat and power plant will stop burning coal at latest by the time the coal ban takes effect in May 2029,” says Pirjo Jantunen, Business Development Manager in HELEN’s Smart Buildings unit.

Jantunen previously worked as HELEN’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager and was involved in preparing HELEN’s strategy. Jantunen also says that the government’s emissions reduction targets are ambitious but welcome.

“From HELEN’s perspective, the variation in heat consumption between summer and winter is a major challenge. We will soon be able to handle the summer by using waste heat, but in the winter, it will still be necessary to burn something for a few more years in order to keep the city warm.”

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