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Jason Kita: Richmond energy system leads municipal climate change fight

By District Energy posted 11-15-2019 15:03


Municipal World


The City of Richmond’s award-winning district energy project, at least as Jason Kita sees it, strongly positions the British Columbia municipality as a North American leader in finding innovative solutions to the growing climate change emergency.

Kita, Director of Richmond’s Corporate Programs Management Group, shared his thoughts on the district energy project, the award, and the municipality’s environmental commitment when he sat down with Municipal World CEO Susan Gardner in Quebec City.

“It really highlights our City of Richmond council, their contribution, and their dedication toward climate change,” Kita said. “Our city council have committed to having our 2007 GHG – community greenhouse gas emission – targets, reduced by 33 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. Our district energy utility really helps us advance and meet those targets.”

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