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Wake Forest Aims to Reduce Emissions

By District Energy posted 11-15-2019 15:14


Nicole Mackey, Old Gold & Black


The heating and chilled-water plants are essential to providing about 75 buildings on the main campus of Wake Forest with three of the four central utilities: heating, cooling and water.

Students usually only think about these components when something isn’t working properly. In reality, running a university is equivalent to running a small city, which takes a large amount of energy and manpower. Supplying each building with the proper resources has a significant impact on not only campus sustainability and energy costs, but on the environment, too.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gases (GHG) from human activities are the most significant driver of observed climate change since the mid-20th century. On a global scale, 25% of greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity and heat production.

“Our overall goal is to reduce carbon emissions by generating the heating and chilled water plants more efficiently,” said Michael Draughn, the director of Maintenance & Utilities Services.

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