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Taking the lead on climate change in Boston

By District Energy posted 11-22-2019 11:04


Bryan Hochberg, The Suffolk Journal


The race to combat climate change continues to accelerate as more cities work to find new methods to become environmentally sustainable. 

Metropolitan areas throughout the country are operating to enact advanced ways to reduce carbon emissions, encourage recycling and overall transform their cities into more sustainable, eco-friendly places.

Currently, the number one most energy-efficient city in the United States, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, is Boston, Massachusetts.

This is largely in part to the city’s commitment to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and is the reason why Boston is a leader in the domestic community working to confront the effects of climate change.


In order to fully transition to cleaner energy, Boston will adopt carbon-neutral district energy microgrid systems which store electrical energy. According to the Climate Action Plan, the city will “support state policies and programs that further decarbonize the region’s and Boston’s energy supply.” 

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