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Geothermal funding of $69m announced in new U.S. budget bill

By District Energy posted 01-01-2020 00:00


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


Congressional negotiators in the U.S. legislative have unveiled a $1.4 trillion year-end package that would boost spending for energy and environmental agencies.

The House of Representatives passed the legislation, which was then approved by the U.S. Senate. It is now expected that the U.S. President will sign it.

The package also provides increases for Energy Department programs for clean energy, nuclear energy, and fossil fuels.

With large funding increases for nuclear energy research and new advanced nuclear reactors, the total package would provide a $59 million increase to the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), which conducts research into promising next generation energy technologies.

The bill would also include funding for Geothermal Technologies.

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