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Solar Therapeutics Holds Grand Opening

By District Energy posted 02-05-2020 16:57




 At a grand opening ceremony last Wednesday in Somerset, MA  Chief Executive Officer Edward Dow III said what makes Solar Therapeutics so unique is its sustainability and energy efficiency.

In fact, the grand opening was scheduled to coincide with the powering of the microgrid that will allow Solar Therapeutics to generate its own electricity through a combination of solar arrays, battery storage and co-generation units. Dow says that these elements will enable Solar Therapeutics to substantially reduce its carbon emissions and allow the facility to commence operations, a feat that has yet to be achieved by any operation of its size.

Dow says that Solar Therapeutics has made great strides toward achieving its commitment to become the state’s only sustainable and environmentally friendly marijuana production facility.

“The cannabis industry is an absolute energy hog, and we believe that making the upfront decision to own and operate our own clean energy source is our responsibility, as good corporate citizens,” Dow said. “In time, I believe our sustainability will resonate with consumers, and become the industry standard moving forward.”

Dow said the original design at Solar Therapeutics called for a 7.5 megawatt facility at full build. He said that satisfied the state’s forward thinking requirements for energy efficiency at under 36 watts per square foot, but there was still a number of efficiencies to be gained through effective design.

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