Emicool-Powered Cooling Plant At Expo 2020 To Energise Three Metro Stations At Expo Line 2020

By District Energy posted 02-19-2020 16:51


Middle East Utilities


Emirates District Cooling, Emicool, a leading district cooling service provider in the region and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, is progressing steadily with the completion of the district cooling plant at the Expo 2020 site, which will provide 60,000 tonnes of refrigeration, TR, as total productive capacity across all phases. The first phase of the plant is currently operational, providing 20,000 TR.

The Expo Village, Dubai South Mall, and the Conference and Exhibition Centre at the Expo site as well as the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) station and the Project Star mall area will be covered by the district cooling plant. The artificial intelligence element incorporated into the design has afforded the plant a dynamic presence given its unique shape.

Emicool’s energisation of the RTA stations for the Expo line 2020 is in anticipation of three mega metro stations: DWTC, DIP, and the Golf State.

Commenting on the progress of the plant, Dr Adib Moubadder, CEO of Emicool, said, "Emicool’s strategic partnership is in line with the company's ambitious plans and strategies and its commitment to being an integral part of Expo 2020. With the concept of sustainability integrated into the planning of the site and its use, both during and after the Expo, and in line with the optimisation of the sustainability of the buildings and the infrastructure, careful evaluation of the providers was undertaken, and we are proud with this district cooling contract, which represents a significant milestone that aligns with our plans to be associated with iconic projects in the UAE and across the region."

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