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Heat pump to boost the efficiency of solar heating plant

By District Energy posted 02-25-2020 16:21


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Aalborg CSP received the order from the Danish district heating plant, Ørum Varmeværk to deliver a 2.5 MW electrical air-to-water integrated heat pump system. The solution is customized to fit the district heating plant’s individual energy needs, which includes integrating the system with the plant’s existing 6,376 m² solar heating plant and hot water accumulation tank.

“At Ørum Varmeværk, our main focus is to ensure our consumers a low cost and price-stable heat supply. Today, our energy production is based on natural gas supplemented with solar heat. Integrating a heat pump system into our supply allows us to lower the energy costs by reducing the gas consumption and by making the energy production more flexible. We can produce electricity and heat using gas, when the price of electricity is high while we can use electricity for the heat pump, when the price is low and thereby help balance the grid. Moreover, this flexibility provides our consumers with energy optimal and sustainable heating” says Jan Hoberg Østergaard, chairman of Ørum Varmeværk.

The heat pump will help optimize the temperature in the solar heating plant during months with the least amount of sunshine thus boosting the overall efficiency of the plant.

“In Ørum, we are integrating the heat pump with the district heating plant’s existing solar heating system in an intelligent way, which enables the solar collectors to harvest more energy during the seven coldest months. At the same time, the energy we borrow from the solar heating system will help to improve the efficiency of the heat pump during those periods, where it has the greatest value for the overall efficiency” says Per Aasted, Sales and Project Engineer at Aalborg CSP.

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