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Empower wins Dubai Chamber advanced CSR Label

By District Energy posted 03-18-2020 16:51




Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation
 (Empower),  received the Dubai Chamber Advanced CSR Label for the second time, after being awarded Dubai Chamber CSR Labels for 5 consecutive years including last year, in recognition of its outstanding efforts in embracing social responsibility initiatives and adopting the best environmental practices which make positive impacts on community and environment, particularly its strategy in human resources training and talent development.

Empower was recognized by the Chamber for their outstanding efforts in developing energy efficiency policy, sustainable mobility and collaborating with beneficiaries in carrying out CSR activities. Empower’s policy in adopting QHSE practices throughout its operations and obtaining Green Building Certificates for its plant buildings were also recognized by the Chamber, in addition to Company’s significant efforts in ensuring employee safety and protecting client privacy and data security. 

Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, said: “Winning the Dubai Chamber Advanced CSR Label for the second time serves as an official recognition of the role played by Empower. This achievement would not have happened without the great efforts made by Dubai Chamber in promoting the socially responsible practices, particularly those related to environment in the GCC countries. Dubai Chamber honours organizations that embrace social responsibility practices in seven vital areas, including workplace, marketplace, community, environment and stakeholder involvement”. 

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