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IDEA, Enwave and QUEST call on Canadian Federal Government to consider investments in district energy to stimulate economic recovery

By District Energy posted 04-22-2020 07:42




In a letter to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Rob Thornton, President & CEO of IDEA, Tonja Leach, Executive Director of QUEST and Carlyle Coutinho, President & COO of Enwave called on the Canadian Federal Government to strongly consider strategic investments in district energy to help build a sustainable economy and bolster economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the three-page letter states, “In recognition of the confluence of the needs for robust climate action and COVID-19 economic recovery, we believe policy direction from the Federal Government must reflect a vision for building a sustainable economy. As your office considers ideas to help sectors recover and stimulate the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic, we, the undersigned representatives of the district energy industry, take this opportunity to stress the enabling role that district energy can play.”

“A much more sustainable strategy is to leverage core policy tools to drive COVID-19 economic recovery. Policy direction can stimulate the low-carbon industry and provide strong signals that expedite widespread energy system change. A notable advantage of district energy projects is that they offer a seamless fit with desired policy outcomes across levels of government, particularly with cities and towns. District energy systems across Canada help municipalities become more resilient, reduce carbon emissions and generate economic stimulus.”

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