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Transformative solar power agreement will help Emory reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By District Energy posted 05-14-2020 09:40


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Emory University will install more than 15,000 solar panels across 16 buildings on its Druid Hills campus, which will generate approximately 10 percent of Emory’s peak energy requirements and reduce Emory’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 4,300 metric tons. Emory has awarded Cherry Street Energy a 20-year agreement to install 5.5. megawatts (MW) of solar generation across campus.

“Various Emory rooftops and parking decks will soon be home to an array of solar photovoltaic panels, converting our campus into a significant site for clean energy supporting Emory’s carbon commitment,” says Robin Morey, vice president of Campus Services and chief planning officer at Emory University. “This transformational project upholds Emory’s commitment to addressing climate change and building a resilient and sustainable future.”

The investment supports Emory’s newly revised greenhouse gas emissions goals, which now mirror the latest science articulated by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that requires a 45 percent reduction by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. Additionally, through innovative financing methods, there are no capital commitments as a result of leveraging Emory’s future energy spend.

“This is a crucial step for Emory in reaching our sustainability goals and reaffirms our dedication to generate at least 10 percent of energy on campus through clean energy alternatives like solar, furthering our efforts toward 100 percent clean energy in partnership with the City of Atlanta by 2035,” says Ciannat Howett, associate vice president of Resilience, Sustainability and Economic Inclusion at Emory. “Through this project, Emory will have one of the largest deployments of on-site solar power at a higher education institution in the Southeast.”

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