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Gary Fromer Named New CEO of DCO Energy, Founder and Co-CEO Frank DiCola to assume Executive Chairman of Board Role

By District Energy posted 05-27-2020 12:35


DCO Energy Press Release


Effective June 1, Gary Fromer will become Chief Executive Officer of DCO Energy and DB Energy Assets. DCO’s founder Frank DiCola will retire from his role as co-Chief Executive Officer and assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board for DCO Energy and DB Energy Assets.

In 2000, DiCola partnered with Joe and Michael Jingoli to found DCO Energy. Over the past two decades, DiCola has been the driving force in growing DCO into a respected leader in the North American alternative power generation market. DiCola will continue to provide leadership on key projects.

Fromer has served as co-Chief Executive Officer of DCO Energy with DiCola over the past several months, and has had a long career prior to joining DCO, having served as a senior executive at Constellation Energy, as CEO of CPower, Inc. and as a senior executive at SAP.

“Frank DiCola is an icon in the distributed energy industry and we and our clients will continue to benefit from his vision, clarity and execution,” said Fromer. “The DCO Energy team is excited to expand upon Frank’s legacy with his continuing leadership as Executive Chairman.”

“I respect Gary Fromer and know he is well-respected throughout our industry as a growth-focused leader,” said DiCola. “The executive management team led by Joe and Michael Jingoli and I are fully invested in continuing to provide world-class distributed energy services for our customers and continuing to grow the DCO Energy platform with Gary at the helm.”

Over two decades ago, Frank partnered with Joe and Michael to found DCO Energy. In addition to the three partners, four brave team members took the opportunity to join Frank in starting something exciting and, at that point, brand new. Over the past 21 years, Frank has been the driving force in growing DCO from zero projects to a respected leader in North American alternative power generation. Frank is an icon in our industry and, while stepping back from some of the day-to-day grind, he will continue to provide his leadership on key projects and to guide us as Executive Chairman.

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