Dutch Biomass Plant Generates 90% Lower NOx Emissions than Natural Gas

By District Energy posted 06-18-2020 11:12


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A new biomass-fired combined heat and power plant, which produces heat and electricity in Andijk, the Netherlands, emits 90% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than a similar natural gas power plant.

That’s according to measurements taken by an independent and government-certified company, which showed it is possible to combust biomass with lower NOx emissions compared to burning fossil fuel natural gas.

The facility’s builder, HoSt, says this lower emission value can be achieved by a higher investment of just 2% to 3%.

The plant, which fires biomass originated from the Netherlands, emitted less than 3 milligrams per cubic metre (mg/Nm3) flue gas while the NOx emission standard for biomass energy plants is 145mg/Nmflue gas and for natural gas boilers 70mg/Nm3 flue gas.

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