Facebook Plugs its Danish Data Center into Odense District Heating System Denmark

By District Energy posted 07-09-2020 10:14




Facebook has announced that its data center in Odense, Denmark, is now helping to heat up to 7,000 local homes.

When the 50,000 sq m (500,000 sq ft) data center campus was announced back in 2017, Facebook promised to connect it to the local district heating system in Odense, which is Denmark's third-largest city. The facility began operation in September 2019, and the planned local heating project has now gone live, according to a Facebook blog post by Lauren Edelman, Facebook's energy program manager.

District heating is a well-established concept in the Nordics, in which waste heat from industry circulates cities and is used to heat homes and offices. In Finland, waste heat from the new LUMI pre-exascale supercomputer will be sent from the CSC – IT Center for Science, to heat local homes. which will house LUMI a 'pre-exascale' supercomputer.

In Sweden, the well-established Stockholm Data Parks pays tenants for their waste heat, while the EcoDataCenter campus, more remote from urban areas, is sharing its heat with local industry.

In Denmark, Fjernvarme Fyn, the company which runs Odense's district heating system, helped Facebook design and build the system which will supply up to 100,000 MWh of energy per year in waste heat that could warm up to 6,900 homes.

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