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Committee votes to advance University Park chiller plant proposal

By District Energy posted 09-23-2020 16:23


Penn State


The Penn State Board of Trustees Committee of Finance, Business and Capital Planning voted today (Sept. 17) to recommend a plan to expand the West Campus Chiller Plant at the University Park campus.

The proposal goes to the full board for its consideration on Sept. 18.

As the University centralizes its cooling system, new and existing buildings are being added to the chilled water system. To support this, the $9.5 million expansion will add a new 3,000-ton chiller, four new cooling towers, a new chilled water pump, a new condenser water pump and new supporting equipment to meet the campus cooling demands.

University officials said transitioning to a centralized cooling system is more energy efficient than cooling buildings individually. The project will support Penn State’s long-term sustainability goals, including saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emssions.

The expansion was designed by Trefz Engineering of Horsham, Pennsylvania.

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