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US Government re-establishes Arctic Energy Office

By District Energy posted 09-23-2020 15:07


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The US Government has announced the re-establishment of the Arctic Energy Office (AEO) located on the campus of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

The AEO will drive co-ordination and collaboration on the Department of Energy’s (DOE) activities in the Arctic region, including international co-operation on Arctic issues, research on methane hydrates and development of advanced microgrids and nuclear power systems.

It will focus on energy, science and national security, bringing together DOE’s wide range of assets and stakeholders to serve communities and US interests in the region.

This includes work by the Office of Science to measure solar radiation, work by Fossil Energy on modular gasification applications in challenging environments, work by the Office of Electricity on the deployment of microgrid technologies in Alaska and work by Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy on next-generation river power systems.

The AEO will build on this work to define a focused research agenda based on these activities.

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said: “The United States is an Arctic nation and the region continues to play an essential role in meeting our nation’s energy needs, as well as those of our friends and allies.

“DOE’s Arctic Energy Office will grow to strengthen and co-ordinate our work in energy, science and national security and help build an Arctic future of prosperity and increased opportunity.”

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