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Microgrids Increase Reliability, Resiliency

By District Energy posted 10-07-2020 13:49




Increasing the reliability and resiliency of the electricity supply is a focus of today’s power generation industry. In concert with that, more and more utilities, companies, and institutions are establishing internal clean energy goals, wanting to reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring a consistent supply of power for their operations.

A session of Experience POWER, supported by POWER magazine, titled “Microgrids—integration of CHP and Campus/Institutional Applications,” looked at the incorporation of renewable energy technologies and microgrids into commercial and industrial settings. Energy industry experts discussed how microgrids can provide a flexible solution to meet generation needs with the incorporation of multiple technologies, including combined heat and power (CHP).

The session featured Frank DiCola, executive chairman and partner with DCO Energy. DiCola, who retired from his role as co-CEO earlier this year, was a driving force in growing DCO from zero projects to a respected leader in North American alternative power generation.

Tom McDonnell, global industry manager, power and energy industry at Rockwell Automation, discussed the role of microgrids in distributed generation. He and DiCola were joined on the panel by Klaus Payrhuber of INNIO Jenbacher. Payrhuber has more than two decades of experience in the power generation industry, and is currently a marketing manager. He provided information about microgrids for reliable combined heat and power and low-carbon emissions applications.

DiCola gave an overview of the microgrid at Montclair State University in New Jersey. The Montclair microgrid is a public-private partnership, supported by a state stimulus program.