Green technology to power thousands of homes in Leeds

By District Energy posted 10-14-2020 16:50


Environment Journal


As part of the council’s commitments to reach net-zero, they have gone out to tender for a provider to design, develop and deliver six new district heating networks that will reduce carbon emissions.

The council is currently exploring a range of options to power the new networks, including the potential use of ground and air source heat pumps or a biomass system.

The district heating networks will distribute low carbon heating from central heat sources instead of individual boilers. The heat will then be transported from the centralised source to individual buildings through a network of insulated underground pipes.

Thanks to the £24m investment, it is hoped that the first network will provide low carbon waste-powered heat to 1,983 homes by the end of 2020 and will benefit residents in 26 high rise blocks across Leeds.

Currently in Leeds around a quarter of the city’s carbon emissions come from the energy used to provide heat and hot water to homes.

By connecting these properties to greener technologies, the council has said it will save around 950 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, while also helping tenants to save a typical 10% on their energy bills.

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