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BOND Building Completes Energy Upgrades on Central Utility Plant

By District Energy posted 11-03-2020 13:54


The Daily Campus


Last week, BOND Building Construction, Inc. completed energy system upgrades for the Central Utility Plant project at the University of Connecticut, according to a press release.  

“BOND Building constructed a more efficient and flexible chiller plant and upgraded the existing units that were underperforming as demand increased,” the release said. “The CUP was completed in support of UConn’s broader initiative—aimed at expanding hi-tech teaching, learning and research capabilities with an increased focus on STEM.”  

According to University Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz, the work on  CUP is part of a continuing effort to reduce UConn’s carbon footprint.  

“The Central Utility Plant project is part of UConn’s ‘Lead by Example’ approach to meeting our current and future campus needs while working to lower the university’s carbon footprint and emissions,” Reitz said in an email. “Bond Building Construction was a good choice as a partner, given that it had recently completed similar projects with other leading universities, such as Harvard, MIT and Yale.”  

BOND Building replaced four gas fired chillers, heat exchangers, pumps and cooling towers within the Central Utility Plant, according to the release.  

Reitz noted that this project was completed in accordance with the President’s Working Group on Sustainability and the Environment, which was established just last year.  

“This project involved a replacement of older equipment that doesn’t meet the newest regulatory emission limits,” Reitz said. “The new equipment has lower emissions than the older equipment it replaces.”  

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