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Sewer Heat Recovery - Call for Proposal - King County

By District Energy posted 11-05-2020 13:35


Hot water goes down drains to connected sewer pipes every day and the water in these pipes maintains a fairly constant temperature as it travels from homes and businesses to treatment plants. Heat energy from these pipes is a renewable resource that isn’t being used.

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) is one of the first wastewater utilities in the nation to offer Sewer Heat Recovery (SHR), and the first in Washington state. Private commercial property owners and developers now have the opportunity, through a King County Council approved use-agreement, to tap into and recover heat energy from WTD sewer pipes for the purpose of heating or cooling their buildings. SHR technology is fairly common in Europe and parts of Canada, but standardized SHR use-agreements like this are pioneering in the United States.

SHR reduces onsite fossil fuel combustion, lowers carbon emissions, and decreases a building’s carbon footprint, and helps building owners leverage occupancy engagement strategies to promote sustainable practices that attract tenants, buyers, and potential investors. Owners can further benefit from using this renewable energy source as it could contribute to green building certification programs and help meet more stringent energy codes. By taking a holistic approach to partnering with businesses to address the impacts of climate change, this program is just one way King County is reimagining resilient and sustainable communities.


The deadline to apply is Friday, December 18

Proposals from commercial property owners and developers with building locations in WTD's service area are currently being accepted. New construction or retrofit projects are eligible. This opportunity is open to only two (2) pilot projects. Proposal spaces fill quickly. For more information, click HERE.