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UMD Announces NextGen Energy Program Private Sector Partner Shortlist

By District Energy posted 11-09-2020 08:47


UMD Right Now


The University of Maryland announced this week a shortlist of potential partners for the NextGen Energy Program. This announcement follows a recent Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to design, engineer, finance, install and maintain the university’s energy system.

Under the NextGen Energy Program, UMD’s aging energy system will be renewed and long-term campus energy services will be secured through a public-private partnership. The program will be adaptable, allowing UMD to incorporate high-efficiency technologies of today while providing flexibility to incorporate new, lower emission fuel sources as they become viable. 

UMD received 13 responses to its RFQ aimed at identifying potential private sector partners to implement this energy infrastructure renewal program. 

“As we work to provide the University of Maryland with a forward-looking and sustainable energy future, we are excited to attract so many highly qualified and interested parties,” says Vice President for Administration and Finance Carlo Colella. “After thorough vetting, we are impressed by the strength of the shortlisted potential partners and are confident in their ability to provide reliable and resilient utilities for our campus for decades to come.”

Respondents were evaluated on six categories: experience with similar projects, team quality, design and construction expertise, operational expertise, stakeholder engagement and financial strength. The shortlisted proposers demonstrated they are best able to meet the university’s requirements for the NextGen Energy Program and possess the integrity and reliability to ensure good faith program performance.

In alphabetical order, the 5 respondents on the shortlist are: 

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