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Daikin to supply Singapore smart city

By District Energy posted 11-18-2020 06:29


Cooling Post


Japanese air conditioning manufacturer Daikin Industries has agreed a joint venture with Singapore Electric Power to provide a centralised cooling system in Singapore’s first smart city.

The futuristic new city, combining nature with cutting-edge technology, is to be developed by Singapore Housing Supply Corporation in the Tenga district of western Singapore. The 700 hectare site will accommodate 42,000 advanced technology homes and commercial facilities such as restaurants and sports centres, as well as schools and hospitals, and parks and farms. 

Daikin will work with Singapore Electric Power to provide advanced centralised cooling systems for all the smart city homes. Daikin envisages a 30% reduction in life cycle cost in each home compared to individually-installed air conditioners. The company also expects to introduce its energy-saving equipment in other public facilities. 

The fan coils in each apartment will be supplied by a chiller plant on the roof of each block. Residents and owners of commercial facilities will use air conditioning in a subscription model that pays a usage fee.

Daikin is also said to have signed maintenance contracts for the chillers and fan coil units to develop a new recycling-oriented business model throughout the city.

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