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Here's how biogas could save Salem money and cut pollution

By District Energy posted 11-18-2020 05:58


Statesman Journal


A new biogas facility at the Willow Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant is expected to save $300,000 a year and keep 5,000 metric tons of pollution-causing gases from being released into the atmosphere annually, city officials said Friday.

This means much of the energy needed to power the Willow Lake plant is generated in-house at the Biogas Cogeneration Facility. 

“By turning waste into energy, we’re powering the plant, saving money and protecting our environment,” Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett said. “Taking pollutants out of the waste stream helps reduce Salem’s impact on the natural environment — one of our Strategic Plan goals. I’m really excited to see that this facility is up and running.”

Construction of Salem’s new Cogen Facility was funded by customers participating in Portland General Electric’s Green Future Program through the Renewable Development Fund and support received from the Energy Trust of Oregon and Oregon Department of Energy.

The new Cogen facility, one of 11 similar facilities in Oregon using biogas, significantly increases this clean energy output to the point where half of all the power needed to treat Salem’s wastewater is produced at the plant.

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