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Texas A&M at Qatar hosts Qatar Cool CEO at Maerifa talk

By District Energy posted 11-18-2020 06:14


The Peninsula


Doha: Yasser Al Jaidah, CEO of Qatar District Cooling Company (Qatar Cool), will give the next talk in Texas A&M University at Qatar’s next Al Maerifa Public Seminar Series tomorrow via Zoom. 

In his talk, “The Inescapable Inevitability of District Energy for our Future,” Al Jaidah will discuss the future of metropolitan energy systems and the evolution from conventional cooling to sustainable cooling systems. District energy supply can play a crucial role in reducing commercial costs and primary energy supply. 

Al Jaidah said that district cooling is perceived as an indulgence for affluent cities, but this perception eclipses the true necessity for such systems to ensure the sustainability of the country and the planet.

Qatar Cool is amongst the top five district cooling providers in the world, and the company owns and operates the largest district cooling plant in the world, situated on The Pearl Qatar. Qatar Cool is the driving force behind sustainable technology in the state of Qatar, providing cooling energy to two major districts with the total capacity of 237,000 tons of refrigeration. Qatar Cool’s growth continues with the recent news of the fifth cooling plant under construction on the Pearl Qatar. 

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