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Balkans’ largest solar thermal system for sanitary hot water is located in Pančevo

By District Energy posted 11-24-2020 09:16


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The Serbian city of Pančevo is home to the Balkan region’s largest solar thermal system for the preparation of sanitary hot water by using solar energy. The system, operated by public heating utility JKP Grejanje, has demonstrated that the use of solar energy for heating water is cheaper than using fossil fuels, and that it also reduces pollution, so the company now plans to build another, more advanced one, which will be able to produce heat energy from solar as well.

The year 2017 marked the start of the pioneering venture in the sector of district heating systems. JKP Grejanje deployed 360 solar thermal collectors, with a total installed capacity of 700 kW and an annual production of 600 MWh. At that time, it was the largest solar thermal system in Serbia. The money came from the EU’s IPA funds as part of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Romania. The thermal collectors were placed over ​​906 square meters of land.

The system was expanded in March this year, in cooperation with USAID, when a further 198 thermal collectors were added, boosting the total capacity to slightly over 1 MW and the projected annual output to 900 MWh. It is now the largest solar thermal system in the Balkans.

The expansion project was unique because the collectors were installed on a roof that faces the east and west, so a special steel structure was built on the top of the building to allow the devices to be positioned towards the south, which is more effective.

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