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Rolls-Royce to deliver the first 8-cylinder variant of the new Bergen B36:45 gas engine series

By District Energy posted 01-20-2021 20:10


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The Rolls-Royce Bergen B36:45 gas engine series continues its success in greenhouse applications. Being one of the first customers of the 6-cylinder variant in 2018, the Belgian tomato producer Tomw@tt has again opted for the highly efficient gas genset. With the new order, Tomw@tt will be the first customer to install the 8-cylinder variant of the new Rolls-Royce Bergen B36:45 engine series.

The medium speed genset is planned for delivery in the spring of 2021 and will replace an existing Rolls-Royce Bergen 12-cylinder B35:40 genset. Compared to its predecessor, the new B36:45 engine offers a 20 per cent increase in power per cylinder and sets a new standard in efficiency with exceptionally low fuel consumption and emissions.

Dirk Willaert, owner of Tomw@tt, said: “The high efficiency of the Rolls-Royce Bergen engines made us go for the blue engine again. We trust that the new B36:45 genset will be as reliable as the unit it replaces and continues to supply electricity, heat and CO2 for many years to come”

The new plant will generate 4700 kW electrical power and 5520 kW heat. Tomw@tt plans to use the generated electricity to power the greenhouse led lighting and sell the surplus energy to the Belgian grid. Heat extracted from exhaust gasses and engine cooling systems will be used to heat up the greenhouse facility. In addition, cleaned CO2 from the engine exhaust gases will be injected into the greenhouse to increase the level of CO2 and boost plant growth. Due to release of condensation energy in the exhaust gas, the plant will achieve outstanding efficiency levels.

Rolls-Royce has supplied the complete CHP for the greenhouse, including the exhaust gas systems with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, heat exchangers and the electronic control system. Most of the current plant equipment will be re-used or reconditioned, in addition to new equipment as required for the new 8-cylinder engine.

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