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St. Louis Park will remove ash trees at Bass Lake Preserve

By District Energy posted 01-26-2021 20:45


Sun Sailor


St. Louis Park is in the process of removing about 180 ash trees on the south side of Bass Lake Preserve, all of which are heavily infected with emerald ash borer.

Once removed, the trees will be chipped up at the city’s brush site and then burned as biofuel at District Energy in St. Paul.

While the impact to the area will be noticeable, the trees are too heavily damaged to be treated and must be removed to slow the spread of emerald ash borer to healthy ash trees, both public and private, according to St. Louis Park officials. The city will be treating nearby public ash trees this summer to help further slow the spread of emerald ash borer. Replanting of the area will take place May 15 as part of Arbor Day activities.