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World’s deepest geothermal well – geothermal heating ambitions in Finland

By District Energy posted 02-03-2021 17:15


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The country’s Minister for Green Environment, Krista Mikkonen describes the situation rather clearly: “We know today that climate change is a reality in Finland, that this part of the world has already warmed up by two degrees Celsius.” The effects of this can already be observed very specifically in nature: “New species, birds and trees, are migrating, and species that previously only existed in southern Finland suddenly appear further north. And with the warming, new diseases are also emerging Animals and plants. ” Finland has particularly ambitious climate targets to halt this development. As in many other areas, the Finns are setting the pace in Europe when it comes to CO2 savings: In addition to wind power and e-mobility, the Finns also rely on geothermal energy.

In Espoo in southern Finland, Matti Pentti stands in front of a 40-meter-high crane with a protective helmet and goggles on which a huge drill pipe hangs. Pentti used to be a shipbuilder, today he works for ST1. The energy company, based in Helsinki, operates over 1,400 filling stations in Scandinavia and Poland and has its own oil refinery – an obsolete model of the fossil fuel age, it seems. Matti Pentti, however, has little to do with oil and gasoline. The topic that concerns the 57-year-old is geothermal energy: “What we are seeing here is the world’s deepest geothermal borehole that has ever been made. We are here for the first time able to penetrate a depth of six kilometers for commercial purposes and want to produce district heating with the system from mid-2021. There are certainly deeper wells.

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