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Huge battery installed as opening of new public service hub moves closer

By District Energy posted 03-15-2021 16:08


Bury Mercury


A battery the size of a shipping container has been installed at a new multi-million pound public services hub in west Suffolk ahead of its opening in May. 

The Mildenhall Hub, which brings a new school, leisure facilities including new pools, a health centre, library and office space together on one site, will open to the community in a rolling programme from May 24 - subject to final testing and government restrictions easing as expected. 

Connected Energy, the firm behind the storage battery called an E-STOR, built it from 24 recycled electric vehicle batteries. 

The Renault Kangoo electric vehicle batteries last seven to 10 years in a car before they need to be replaced. 

Working with Renault, Connected Energy tests the batteries before considering them for a second-life application, and monitors the efficiency of each battery so individual ones can be replaced as and when required.

West Suffolk Council says collectively the greenhouse gas emissions savings from the technologies being installed will amount to 200 tonnes in 2021 and 2,300 tonnes over the 20-year lifetime for the plant – the equivalent of taking 820 cars off of the road.

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