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Helsinki would need 5,000 wells for geothermal district heating

By District Energy posted 03-25-2021 09:49


Think GeoEnergy


The capital of Finland, Helsinki would require at least 5,000 intermediate-deep (around 2,000m) geothermal wells to meet the city’s demand in district heating. These are the findings of researchers at Aalto University, who are now calling for more studies.

Helsinki has been exploring ways to feed district heating with renewable energy sources, including geothermal. The deep geothermal project by St1 and a deep(er) geo-exchange system, paired with traditional geothermal heat pumps have been reported on. The goal was to utilise geothermal energy to provide district heating to cities and suburbs around Helsinki. A new study suggests that fields of wells connected to existing heating systems, instead of individual wells, should be studied.

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