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Development continues to expand growing Markham Centre

By District Energy posted 04-01-2021 09:41


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Markham Centre was largely agricultural land 40 years ago. Today, it’s the focal point of a city directly north of Toronto with more than 350,000 residents and over 11,000 businesses.

“Markham is evolving into a complete urban centre, with better access to rapid transit plus a significant amount of commercial and retail opportunities, some of the best parks and community facilities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and over 1,500 technology companies,” said City of Markham commissioner of development services Arvin Prasad, who moderated a webinar on Markham Centre presented by Urban Land Institute’s Toronto chapter on March 23.

Markham Centre is the city’s long-term vision for the creation of a vibrant, intensive, mixed-used downtown. Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, who has held the title since 2006, provided an overview of the city and Markham Centre’s past, present and future during his presentation.

Thermal energy delivered by Markham District Energy to buildings encompassing more than 11 million square feet is used for space heating, hot water heating and air conditioning.

Commercial buildings, apartments and condominiums, hotels, sports facilities, schools, government complexes and other properties connected to the thermal grid don’t need their own boilers, furnaces, chillers or air conditioners.

This, and other measures, has given Markham Centre the largest concentration of downtown mixed-use, LEED-certified projects in North America.

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