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Cork firm pioneers cooling solution that can transform waste heat into energy

By District Energy posted 04-06-2021 12:05




IRELAND is Europe’s largest data centre market, with 66 active data centres and 29 currently in development. Dublin alone is home to four of the leading five hyperscalers. 

The ICT sector supports more than 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, with compute services our largest export sector, beating Pharma and Agrifood. While this is all very positive for Ireland, there is one growing elephant in the room – Carbon emissions and electrical consumption. 

With increasing pressure on industry and the Irish government to reduce their CO2 emissions, Irish science and engineering company Nexalus has developed a pioneering green energy solution that can turn one of the fastest-growing contributors of CO2 emissions to Carbon neutral or net contributors to the Irish energy circle.

Founded in Cork, with international strategic development and manufacturing partners, Nexalus is a leading provider of sustainable electronic cooling solutions, with patented technology that prioritises not only performance and profit but also the planet. A key goal is to enable industries to reach and exceed both their economic and environmental targets simultaneously - turning heavy electrical energy users, like data centres, into organisations that are generating clean energy. This is achieved with a zero-compromise approach to performance.

With its foundation firmly rooted in both science and engineering, Nexalus set out to explore the thermal issues affecting the market, namely ‘heat problems’ and ‘energy problems’, and to utilise the untapped ‘greener’ potential of this ever-growing industry.

Combining applied thermodynamics with clever thermal-fluid science and engineering, Nexalus systems integrate with electronics that produce excessive heat, to cool, capture and reuse this thermal energy, while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Nexalus’ ability to not only recover but to convert this otherwise waste heat into a clean energy asset, creates the perfect circular economy.

Currently data centres in Ireland waste circa 3.0TWhrs of energy annually.

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